Friday, November 14, 2008

Winter Wonderland is complete!

Our first blanket with 7 knitters! Each knitter will knit the usual 4 inches. This blanket is going to be knit in blues and white alternating. It was cast on with 110 stitches.

The Knitters:
Kellybigeyes (blue)
Mrs P (white)
Shandeh (blue)
Misha rf (white)
Holly P (blue)
Lizardknits (white)
LBECK (blue)
Border: LBECK

Lizardknits' knitting

HollyP's knitting
Winter Wonderland

Misha rf's knitting
winter wonderland after Misha rf

Shandeh's knitting

Mrs.P's addition

Kellybigeyes' knitting

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