Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Summer Olympics is finished!

I think you can figure out the inspiration for this blanket just by looking at the name! ; ) It was started shortly after the games ended. Each knitter will be knitting 5 inches in their assigned color to represent the Olympic rings.

The Knitters:
Howdovely- blue
LBECK - yellow
Misha rf - black
knitgirl2007 - green
nephthys8 -red
Border: nephthys8

Knit by Misha rf

Knit by LBeck

Knit by Howdovely

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chocolate Mint

Here we are a month and a half into our project and we have another new blanket started! Let me introduce you to Chocolate Mint!

The Knitters:
LBECK (finished)
blkirback ( finished)
iheartmystash (finished)
Misha rf (finished)
Drea- working on it now

Misha rf's knitting
chocmint after Mish 2

iheartmystash's knitting
chocmint after cookie

blkirback's knitting

GennyLynn's knitting

Lisa(LBECK) 's section