Friday, November 14, 2008

Winter Wonderland is complete!

Our first blanket with 7 knitters! Each knitter will knit the usual 4 inches. This blanket is going to be knit in blues and white alternating. It was cast on with 110 stitches.

The Knitters:
Kellybigeyes (blue)
Mrs P (white)
Shandeh (blue)
Misha rf (white)
Holly P (blue)
Lizardknits (white)
LBECK (blue)
Border: LBECK

Lizardknits' knitting

HollyP's knitting
Winter Wonderland

Misha rf's knitting
winter wonderland after Misha rf

Shandeh's knitting

Mrs.P's addition

Kellybigeyes' knitting


Our 10th blanket!
Each knitter will knit 3 inches in garter stitch(knit every row) with their assigned color. This is going to be a fun blanket!
Crayon's Knitters:
Shandeh(Brown) - finished
Blkirback(Orange)- finished
Misha rf (Yellow)- finished
LBECK (Green)- finished
Kellybigeyes (Blue)-finished
Nephthys8 (Purple)-finished
HollyP(Black)-awaiting arrival
Border: HollyP

Kellybigeyes' blue section

LBECK's green section

Misha rf's yellow section

Blkirback's orange section

MamaDawn knit the red portion

Shandeh cast on and knit the brown section

Camo is complete!!

Camo is our first truly boy themed blanket. This blanket doesn't have a set color arrangement or pattern. As long as the yarn looks like Camo or has camo colors it will work.

The Knitters:
Misha rf
Mrs P
Border HollyP

HollyP's knitting

blkirback's knitting
camo after brandi
After MrsP
Camo after Amanda

Misha rf knit this portion
Camo after Misharf

Knitgirl2007's knitting
Camo after Knitgirl2007

Lisa's knitting and the card she made to go with the blanket!Camo

Monday, November 10, 2008

Jelly Bellies is done!

Another round of Southeast baby blankets is starting! Yippee! Jelly Bellies is our 9th blanket! It's hard to believe we have accomplished so much in such a short amount of time.
The Knitters:
Misha rf
Border: HollyP

Misha rf's knitting

MrsP's lime green addition

Oliver's pretty pink knitting

Kellybigeyes' cheerful addition

Howdovely's sunny yellow section

MamaDawn cast on for this blanket. Here is her knitting.