Friday, November 14, 2008


Our 10th blanket!
Each knitter will knit 3 inches in garter stitch(knit every row) with their assigned color. This is going to be a fun blanket!
Crayon's Knitters:
Shandeh(Brown) - finished
Blkirback(Orange)- finished
Misha rf (Yellow)- finished
LBECK (Green)- finished
Kellybigeyes (Blue)-finished
Nephthys8 (Purple)-finished
HollyP(Black)-awaiting arrival
Border: HollyP

Kellybigeyes' blue section

LBECK's green section

Misha rf's yellow section

Blkirback's orange section

MamaDawn knit the red portion

Shandeh cast on and knit the brown section