Sunday, July 6, 2008

Introducing the Southeast Oddball Baby Blankets

Our little group at Knitting is not so little anymore. It's grown so much that we are splitting into different regions. This is a blog for the blankets knit in the southeast.

Each knitter works what ever stitch pattern they want for 4 inches. Then we send it on.

The instructions for knitting on a blanket are here.

We are starting off knitting our blankets for Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters. They can use sizes other than what we have been making before we separated into regions but we are starting off making them as we have been.

We can use any help including people that would like to just crochet borders. Anyone may join in.And everyone is welcome.

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Kelly said...

Thanks so much for doing this. I just wanted to remind everyone (since it did not say it in the instructions) to begin with 3 rows of knit stitches before starting the pattern (if you choose to do a pattern). I can't wait to get started.