Saturday, July 19, 2008

All of our knitters

We have such a wonderful group! We already have 4 blankets planned and knitters signing up for them. I'll post them as they become more full.

So here is a list of our knitters:
LBECK, Moxiemade, kayrun, doodknitwit, howdovley, kellybigeyes, HollyP, losnana, MamaDawn, misharf, and Shandeh. I also have 3 friends that are going to knit for us, they just haven't signed up yet. And 2 that are going to crochet borders. (2 of the 3 that are going to knit, might crochet borders too.)

I just think it is AWESOME that we have 13 knitters already!

And we have 6 crocheters for the borders! I love how much everyone wants to help! I know that the children and the parents will be able to feel how much love is going into these blankets!

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Holly said...

13 knitters! Wahoo! It's looking better and better all the time!